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What To Know About Buying A Rental Property First In Ghana

What To Know About Buying A Rental Property First In Ghana

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What To Know About Buying A Rental Property First In Ghana

Could you, as a renter, actually become a landlord in Ghana? The idea looks exciting and a little scary, but with rents in Accra skyrocketing and everywhere in Ghana, the potential for building a stable income stream is undeniable. Many people are beginning to shift their attention to buying rental properties before buying their first home in Ghana. 

You can buy a rental property in Ghana even if you’re still renting. Remember, this isn't just a get-rich-quick scheme; it requires planning, education, and a healthy dose of courage. Let’s explore these property investment strategies in Ghana and all that they entail.

Why Rental Property Investment Should Be Your First Choice in Ghana

Investing in rental properties in Ghana could become your money-making machine. Talking of mortgage payments, the rent can cover the mortgage monthly payment, and taxes, and even leave extra cash in your pocket. Instead of buying your dream home first, you'd be creating a stream of income to get you there. The rental property would be something other than a bottomless pit but a springboard. With careful planning and some calculated risk, you could become a homeowner—but on own your terms. 

Currently, interest rates in Ghana are high, which may lead to fewer new investors, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad time to invest in a rental property.

Higher interest rates can drive down the home value, and there is always the possibility of refinancing down the line if interest rates dip. Sure, those rock-bottom rates from the recession were probably a thing of the past, but who knows what the future holds? Maybe, just maybe, interest rates would fall again, making mortgage payments lighter and the value of homes soar.

Benefits of Buying a Rental Property Before a Home in Ghana

There are obvious financial benefits to buying a rental property before buying your first home in Accra. It has the real potential for passive income. The potential to build equity from rental properties will give you access to more funds from banks, private lenders, and other real estate investors. One major advantage of buying a rental property in Ghana before your own home is that you might need to live in it one day. It may be a place of abode after you get married and have kids. 

But the beauty goes beyond just money. Maybe this rental property in Ghana wouldn't always be rented out. Perhaps one day, when life takes unexpected turns, it could transform. If you get married and have kids, it could become your starter home and a launchpad for your dreams. This is a long-term investment, and as your own housing needs change, it allows you more flexibility. 

Flexibility—that is the word. This isn't just an investment; it is a chance to shape your future. The rental property could adapt to your needs, making it a loyal companion on your life's journey. And if, someday, you craved a home of your own, you could always sell it, using the profits as a springboard to your ultimate dream. 

Financial Benefits of Buying a Rental Property in Accra

Owning a rental property in Accra isn't for the faint of heart. The initial bite of the down payment is substantial, and there will always be repairs lurking around the corner. It is a gamble of possible chance. But what is the potential payoff? Rent could cover not only the mortgage and upkeep but also generate a positive cash flow - a steady stream of income that could fuel your business dreams.

Success wouldn't be immediate. You need to be patient and learn the ways of the Accra housing market. Suppose you’re patient and well-versed in the local housing market. In that case, it’s possible to buy a rental property in Accra that won’t just offset operational costs, but also create a positive cash flow that can be used to grow your business.

Risks and Challenges Involved in Rental Property Investment

Indeed, buying a home in Ghana is daunting enough, but an investment property? There is a lot to learn when planning to buy a rental property because you could mess up big time if the right things are not done properly. The learning itself may be the biggest challenge, and there are only so many ways to accelerate the things to learn. 

One way to do that is to seek out advice from those who have invested in rental investors in Ghana. Most investors are more than willing to talk about their field of expertise and work. It’s possible you already know some people who are landlords in the neighbourhoods of your interest.

They can talk to you about all the risks and challenges of buying and managing rental properties in Ghana. So many things can go wrong, especially with the internal workings of the property. Property inspectors can only see so much, and homes depreciate over time. Anyone who has invested in properties in Ghana can tell you what they are looking for and how to mitigate any risks involved in purchasing a rental home in Accra.

Mitigating Risks and Challenges of Buying Rental Properties in Ghana

The cost of being cautious in property investing is far less than the cost of being careless. If you’re meticulous in your research and management of your rental property, you will be able to save yourself from financial stress in the future. Before getting started, be sure to find a reliable landlord in Ghana who understands the market and your needs and isn’t just concerned with making a quick buck by buying and selling homes. They can help guide you through the process of buying your first rental property in Accra. Hiring a professional to inspect the home before purchasing the property will help you identify any potential risks with the property and negotiate a price.


Yes, buying a rental property before you buy your first primary home in Ghana is offbeat, but it is an option and a way to build wealth and ultimately purchase your dream home. Your first rental home in Accra may even become your primary residence whenever you’re ready! It can be a risky investment, but if you’re careful and patient, and make the right investment, it can lead you down a path of financial freedom and generational wealth. 

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